I have been writing poems since I was 13 years old. I kinda stopped a few years ago so I figured I may as well start again, so here is my first poem I have written in over 3 years so be nice and enjoy!!

As soon as I wake up the battle is on
The smile on my face won’t last that long,
I have no will to move or get out of bed
See the biggest battle I face is in my head,
What’s the point of life? Why am I alive?
How did I get here? Why did I survive?
I want to be happy so I try and I try
Most nights it takes all of me just not to cry,
I tell myself I will be perfectly fine
That life will get better I just need to give it time,
But how much time am I to give?
How much longer will I have the will to live?
How much longer can I keep facing my depression
I have to let this out I have to give my confession,
I struggle to get through from day to day
I struggle to say what I really need to say,
I know I should love the skin I am in,
Maybe I would if I was a little thin,
Maybe I would if people didn’t judge me because I am black
Maybe I would if I could just cut me some slack.
I am tired of being followed in every store I enter
I am tired of seeing kids grow up without a mentor,
I am tired of being in all this pain
I am tired of having everything to loose but nothing to gain.
Don’t get my wrong I will say it loud
No matter what I’m black and I’m proud!!
I wish I could say all that I need to say
But for now remember there is a little good in everyday!!