Some people tend to see Depression as a sign of weakness a sign that someone was given more than they can handle, a sign that you are not cut out for this life; however others say it’s a sign of being strong for too long. I believe it is a sign of being strong for too long I also believe it is a sign that you are tired of handling everything alone. What people don’t see is that through out the course of life people have bad things happen to them some worse than others (but it’s really not a contest) some people are able to deal with these things talk about them and get them off their chest, while others like me don’t like to talk about them they don’t want to burden anybody with the terrible things that happened to them they don’t want to dig up that pain. Those people are the ones who hold and be strong they don’t cry when they should they just keep smiling and no one ever knows anything bad has ever happened to them, that is until one day it all hits them like a brick wall and they finally break and when they finally break it’s hard for them to turn back because they are just overwhelmed with all the pain catching up to them they feel like they are worthless (they have probably been told this a few times over the course of their lives). The pain just keeps pulling them deeper and deeper and of course they keep fighting and fighting they don’t want people to know they are weak so they keep hiding and keep refusing to talk which is only causing more and more harm to themselves sometimes they reach out for help and are able to regain their strength, other times they don’t. Reaching our for help talking about the feelings talking about the pain is hard very hard but it helps, so those out there that may be suffering talk about it all the good the bad the terrible and the even worse, let it out don’t hold on talk!! And to those people who are not suffering from depression I know you may not understand but please don’t tell people who suffer from it they are weak it will just make it harder for them to get the help they may need. You handle things your way and we handle it ours it doesn’t make us weak it makes us strong. I have been fighting my demons alone for so long I have began to feel lonely which is another part of the depression loneliness. I know I am not alone but I didn’t turn to anyone I didn’t lean on anyone but myself, I’ve handled everything alone I made it through a big chunk of my life alone, of course I had friends and family but not even they know my deepest darkest secrets, I am slowly turning to them and talking to them more and more about what has happened to me what is bothering me what has been causing me so much pain. So as each day goes by and each pain is talked about I will get better one day at a time. Remember:

**Everyday may not be good but there is a little good in everyday**