Today was a better day then they have been recently. Although it wasn’t as good as yesterday it was better than the days before it, so for that I am grateful. I am not sure how many more bad days I can handle right now. I know I’m not alone and I know many people love and care about me but try convincing yourself of that when you are at your absolute low. It’s hard I can tell you that. When you are at that low no matter what people do or say you still feel unloved, invisible, like you don’t matter but trust me when I tell you that someone does love you, you do matter to everyone but most importantly you matter to yourself so don’t give up, don’t let the darkness suck you in keep looking for that light at the end of it all. I know it’s hard trust me as I am writing this I am fighting it, but together we can fight this and beat it, together we win!!! If you hit that low and you know what low I am talking about the low where you find yourself writing the note with the pills or knife or gun or noose in your hand, use your other hand to make that call send that message reach out to whoever you can because believe me when I say you will be missed and once it’s done there’s no coming back so put the pills in the trash put the knife down lock the gun away and untie that noose because today is not the day we quit today is the day we keep fighting. I know it’s hard and I know you’re exhausted trust me I am too I am tired of fighting this fight but we have have to keep fighting if you need extra motivation look at the people around you, look in their eyes when they tell you they love you give them a hug let their love be your motivation. And using that you can and I can beat this thing. Look out your window and see the world out there that is what we must keep fighting for because there is a lot of world left for us to explore so don’t give up now just keep pushing even if it’s one hour at a time just push through it to the next hour and then the next one and before you know it, you’ll wake up with the sun shining and birds singing so reach out get help don’t be ashamed because it’s hard to do alone, so please if not for yourself for those who love get help. Remember: **Everyday may not be good but there is a little good in everyday**

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