Today is a bad day, today is the kind of day I wake up and wonder why I am still alive? and then I try and try to find reasons to keep fighting. I know what you’re going to say well there’s your family and friends and you are very loved and I know all of this is true but today is the kind of day where you could tell me all this until you’re blue in the face, but I just won’t feel it, and I just won’t believe you. Today is a dark day I hate the dark days I feel lonely, unloved, unwanted I just feel empty. Like I’m just here to be here even though I don’t want to be here. Today is a day where I will find it hard to even make it through the next hour, but I will try and I will fight not for myself though because all I want to do is give up, but for my family and friends because even though I feel unloved I know that I am. So today is the day I look to them to be my strength, my shoulder to lean on. See I know I am lucky to have people in my corner because some people don’t some people will suffer through it alone and for the longest time I was one of those people it took a lot for me to reach out and seek help, I know it’s hard trust me I do you don’t want to be seen as week you want people to think you have your life altogether but trust me when I tell you it’s easier to do this with someone by your side than alone so tell them, tell that one person in the world that you love more than yourself how you are feeling so they can help you through it. Fight even if you lose at least you went down swinging. Remember even on the dark days:

**Everyday may not be good but there is a little good in everyday**