In my head there’s a dark voice      I hear it daily and not by choice,
This voice points out all my faults
It attacks like a vicious assault,
You suck, you’re dumb, you’re better off dead
I wish this dark voice would just get out of my head.

There’s another voice the angel lets say
Who tries to show me the good in everyday,
Some days I reward her with a job well done
But more days than not her job is a hard one,
You’re smart, you’re loved, you’re strong enough to survive
Just hold on my dear, you’re sure to thrive.

I want to listen to the angel of course
But life isn’t easy it’s a deadly force,
It picks me up and spins me around
Next thing I know I’m on the ground,
Some days I lose and some days I win
And everyday I have to face the demons within.

As soon as I wake up, it’s me vs me,
Everyday, I battle a war you simply can’t see
You suck, you rock, you shouldn’t exist,
You deserve a good life just stop trying to resist.