Today well today was not a good day! I stayed up later than I have been to watch the NBA finals and I thought I’d be fine because I could sleep in well my boyfriend ended up waking me at 7:30 so when he went out I took a nap well when he came out he starts playing his music loud so again he has waken me up.. So later we get in a fight because he just doesn’t have his priorities right and I really can’t do everything on my own I need some help! Now I know things get said in the heat of the moment I do but to try and make me feel bad about myself because of my depression is just low! Like all I wanted was some comfort that he will be helping to pay bills and buy food instead I got told that I do nothing and made to feel like I am nothing because I have depression.. I was hurt by the things that were said and slowly I could feel my depression creeping back like it seen an opportunity to pounce!! And with every hurtful thing that was said about my depression I felt lower and lower until I picked up a pill bottle I dumped them in my hand and I just sat and held them in my hand thinking to myself how everything he said was true then thinking about things other people have said to me and then finally a part of me broke free and told me I was none of those things! My depression doesn’t make me disabled it made me stronger, I haven’t spent much time outside in the last year because at that point in time I was letting my depression win well it’s not winning anymore I put the pills in the bottle put the cap back on and told my depression you don’t get to win this time! You don’t get to try to use my pain and hurt against me anymore!! I am strong, I am beautiful and no matter what life throws my way I will get through it!!! So next time I am in pain or hurting don’t even think it’s your chance to win because no matter how hurt I am I will never let depression win!! #strongblackwoman #byedepression!!