Oh my God I`m back again *backstreet boy voice*. I`m sorry I am just beyond happy right now!! For many reasons 1. For the first time in a long time I actually FEEL happy and I don`t mean that fake emptiness happy no I mean that finally not feeling empty anymore happy, that I AM worth something happy you know that I`m not a failure after all happy? I am that happy because today among with other things I have realized that I actually have talent, I have realized that I am actually good at something and I have FINALLY realized my purpose in life. On top of this talent I have discovered I have also been accepted into University I know I’m 30 and a lot older than the other kids but you know what who cares? It’s never too late to make your dreams come true, so there you have it in Sept I am #dalbound!!! my goal is to become a social worker because helping people is clearly what I am meant to do, that is why I started this blog that is why I am writing my book that is why I would love to give speeches at schools and that is why I am studying social work. I’m sure there are people routing for me to fail or expecting me to drop out because you know “I always do” so to those people I just want to say bite me I will see you when I reach my goals and I will reach my goals if I have to die trying.. So Yes I am that finally realized my purpose in life happy I am that cow jumping over the moon happy so if you are going to even try to burst my bubble don’t!! Trust me I may have overcome my depression but I am still battling my anxiety so every negative thing you can think of to say I have thought and I have thought of much worse and NOTHING and NO ONE is going to take this joy from me. Expect to see more post in my blog and updates on my book because writing is still my passion even if grammatically I suck at it!! You guys have been with me over the year when I was at my lowest of lows when I wanted to and attempted to commit suicide it was writing this blog that got me through and her we are a few months later and I am happy I am feeling again I have gotten past all my demons so to those out there that are suffering hold on it will get better trust me you got this!! Can’t do it alone? reach out ask for help you are not weak by asking for help you are strong and beautiful and worth every breath you take so fight and don’t give up because life does get better and it’s beautiful and you do not want to miss it!!!! Always remember:

**Everyday may not be good but there is a little good in everyday**

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