You guys have been with me through a lot so I figured it’s only fair to write about my first day back to work! That’s right I am well enough to go back to work!!! Yay me!!! Work was good mentally I felt great I didn’t overwhelmed or any of the feelings I had in the past this time I was really ready. Physically I am in horrible pain but that’s minor because mentally I am ready to work. Having school to look forward now also helps 100% as it gives me something to work towards. I do sometimes get a bit anxious about school thinking who would want to be friends with the 30 year old black girl? I’m going to be the laughing joke of the school, but then I take a deep breath and remind myself no one will think that sure not everyone will want to be my friend but I will makes friends and I can do this, this is what I want so I will do this!! Sometimes I just need to remind myself that my illness is going to try to plant thoughts in my mind so that it will be able to drag me back down, but so far I have been fighting back and putting those thoughts far out of my head. So to all there who are fighting/struggling with depression remember it will get better you will get better!! You got this we got this!! All of us together we have this!! Just take it one day at a time and when one day seems like too much and it will (trust me it will) then take it one hour at a time and if that still seems like too much then 30 mins at a time.. Because like I said before life is beautiful and full of wonderful things and even though it may not seem like it people do care about you and you are worth something!! We were all put here for a reason so whatever you do don’t give up and if you need to reach out to anyone just reach it no one or nothing is worth ending your life over!! And always remember

**Everyday may not be good but there is a little good in everyday**