Last night one of my “sisters” (I use the quotes because as far as I’m concerned we may be related by blood but we’re not family) oh so nicely informed me that my dads side of the family doesn’t think that my fiancé and I and going to get married because we’re not meant to be. And maybe we’re not I believe we are after all the crap we’ve been through together things are finally turning around for both of us but still people do break up or end up divorced I know this the whole world knows this! And I know it’s my relationship no one knows what goes on between closed doors but us.. So I’m not upset with their opinions I’m upset that my so called family talked about me behind my back and no one had the guts to say it to me directly until my sister and I got in a fight and she tried to use it as ammunition to hurt me! I’m so tired of dealing with that side of the family all they do is talk bad about people trying to bring them down. She said they thought I was sad and pathetic for being in my relationship no I’m happy and in love and no that all relationships require work and people make mistakes I’ve never been cheated on and he’s never hit me he’s good to me so I don’t know why I would leave him. Apparently I’m also scamming the system by going off work to deal with my depression and other health issues. Like I planned to have surgery or I planned to sprain my back yeah I planned for them to take my sit/stand desk from me as well! But this is coming from someone who messaged me and asked what my symptoms were so she could tell her worker so she could go back on assistance.. Truth be told I went most of my life without that side of the family it’s nothing for me to cut them off.. I’ve lost people who meant the world to and I will never get them back people who were there for me when that side wasn’t! I lost someone who was always there for my family my nans funeral he was there my cousins he was there when I walked across the stage and graduation high school he was the first person I saw (hell he even lied to me and said my mom had made it after my little sisters graduation she did but he didn’t see her to know for sure he just wanted me to stop crying) but the point is he was there not one person from that side of my family was there for any of those things! My Nan was the most important person in my life her house was my escape from my home life and I lost her my cousin was my best friend growing up me her and my older sister were 3 of a kind and I lost my cousin so cutting off that side is nothing to me I don’t need the negativity and I don’t need to be talked about and called names.. I’m finally happy and finally beating my illness nothing or no one is going to bring me back to it!!!