I started back to work last week just half shifts. But this week I was back full shifts which I was fine with I was not expecting to take this soon! I was not ready I still don’t feel ready but they told me I was back on the phone so I calmed myself down (to the best of my ability) and I started taking calls I want to say everything came flooding back to me but it didn’t a lot of stuff did yes but I was slower than usual which really stressed me out more because I know I should be faster and used to be faster and I know I will get there again but still I hate feeling unprepared or behind or slow.. and it didn’t help that it was a busy day talk about an over load but call by call I made it through. And at the end of the day I survived and only almost cried once from the stress and anxiety! I pray for better days to come I know they will I just can’t wait for them to come! I’m home now my mind is exhausted but I’ll sleep good and recover! And I’ll keep fighting and pushing through I’m one day closer to school I’m one day closer to getting paid so I can finally pay my bills let me tell you not knowing when your power will be cut off is not fun. So day by day I push through one day or hour at a time I push through!