So you guys are probably wondering where I’ve been lately.. and I owe you an apology I have been M.I.A I’ve had a lot going on some things will not be talked about some are good things and I will share when the time is right other things are bad and I’m not ready to deal with just yet. But one thing I can share is my cat just had kittens!! She had 4 beautiful healthy kittens although we did not know my cat was pregnant when we got her I do not regret getting her! I was also able to treat my mom to her first tattoo (we got matching ones) for my Nan! Her happiness was well worth the money this women has given me everything she has to help me through my hard times both mentally and physically. She has been my rock! I am back to work now and feel great (mentally) my back has not been holding up as good as I would like it too but that’s another problem for another day! I am getting excited to begin school in Sept! But more importantly I am excited because football is back!! For those who don’t know I am a huge Patriot fan and football has been my escape so having a new season start is exciting for me!! I know this entry is short but it was a quick update I will be trying to write more I know I said it before but I’m going to try to make a real effort to write in here at least weekly! This battle is hard and long and daily and writing to you guys is helping me get through it so thank you guys for letting me vent! #togetherwewin Remember:

**Everyday may not be good but there is a little good in everyday**